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Welcome to the 2024 Outdoor Soccer Season!

Notes for Parents

  • All communication will take place on TeamLinkt. Please download the app to stay in touch.
  • Please send a message to your coach if you are unable to attend a game.
  • Please support your coach by offering to assist if he/she is alone at a game.
  • Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for the supervision of your child(ren) at all times. South Regina Community Soccer Executive and Volunteers (coaches/assistants) are not responsible for supervision before, during or after games.
  • Please remember to be encouraging and cheer for good play on both sides of the field and equal playing time for all! The focus of community soccer is sportsmanship, skill development and fun!


  • Each player will receive their own soccer jersey to keep.
  • U4 to U12 players will also each receive a personal soccer ball. Please write your name on your ball and bring it to each game to use during warm-up.
  • SHIN GUARDS ARE MANDATORY! These can be purchased at any local sports or department stores for a reasonable price.
  • Other items to bring: water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray.

Cancelled Games

Games may be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • The City of Regina has declared the field(s) closed due to poor field conditions. We do NOT play on fields that have been closed. You can check the status of fields HERE. The city usually updates the field conditions by 3:00 pm each day.
  • Your coach may cancel/suspend a game due to inclement weather or other possible dangers. Your coach should contact you via TeamLinkt or other agreed upon method to alert you of the cancellation. 

Rules for U4-U8

  • Games are played 4 v 4. Depending on team size, your coach may agree with the opposing team' s coach to play 5 v 5 or 6 v 6 to offer more play time for all.
  • Players positions: two forwards, two defense, no keeper. 
  • Please do NOT keep scores or stats.
  • When a ball goes out of bounds over the sidelines (touchline), it is put back into play by a kick-in from the spot it went out of bounds. The kick-in cannot be shot directly into the goal.
  • When the ball goes over the end line, it is put back into play either by dribbling or a kick-in from the spot it went over the end line. No corner kicks.
  • After a goal has been scored, play shall begin by a restart at centre-field.
  • The coaches act as field supervisors instead of referees.
  • Players can score from anywhere on the field.
  • No off sides or slide tackles are allowed.
  • Equal time shall be allowed for all players within reason.
  • No parents other than coaching volunteers are allowed on the field during games.

Rules for U10-U18

We follow Regina West Zone Soccer Association's rules,  which are based on FIFA rules.

U10 will play 7 v 7 on a half field. Every effort is made to have at least one official at the games. 

U12, U15 and U18 will play 11 v 11* on a full field. Games will have at least one referee and if possible, two lineskeepers.

*Each team can have a maximum of 11 players; one must be the goalkeeper. Each team must have a minimum of 7 players for the game to commence or continue, however the opposition can field all 11 players, if they so choose.

Referees' decisions are final. Respect them.

Fair Play Code for Parents (From Fair Play – It’s your call)

  • I will not force my child to participate.
  • I will remember that my child participates for his/her enjoyment, not for mine.
  • I will encourage my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility & violence.
  • I will teach my child that doing one’s best is as important as winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game/event.
  • I will make my child feel like a winner every time by offering praise for competing fairly and trying hard.
  • I will never ridicule or yell at my child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  • I will remember that children learn best by example.  I will applaud good plays/performances by both my child’s team and their opponents.
  • I will never question the officials’ judgment or honesty in public.
  • I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sport events.
  • I will respect and show appreciation for the coaches who give their time so my child can play.