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Volunteers Needed for 2019!

We Can't Operate Without You!


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South Regina Community Soccer Program

The South Regina Community Soccer (SRCS) league is the amalgamation of the outdoor soccer programs of the four south Regina Community Associations, those being:

Albert Park/Harbour Landing        Hillsdale        Lakeview        Whitmore Park

SRCS is a recreational NO CUT outdoor soccer program. The season runs April 29 through June 20, 2019 with an end-of-the-season Wind-Up scheduled for June 22, 2019. Weather permitting, each team will play 2 games per week, Monday through Thursday for a total of 16 games. U14 and U19 teams play an interlocking schedule with West Zone teams. All other age groups will be placed on teams that play all their games within the areas of Albert Park/Harbour Landing, Lakeview, Hillsdale and Whitmore Park.

Team Schedules - LATE Registration - Contact from Coaches - First Games

LATE REGISTRATION - SRCS IN-person and ON-line registration is now complete for the 2019 season however there are still a number of open spots available to fill incomplete teams. If you missed registration and would still like your child(ren) to play soccer this spring please email us at: with the Subject line: Waitlist Request U? where ? is the Age Group you are interested in. (i.e. Waitlist Request U8) Please send a separate message for each Age Group that you are requesting. Please provide the following details in the message: child's name, gender, phone #, date of birth, age group that you would like to register for, are you or your partner available to co-coach if need be, and we will put you on the wait-list. Please note there will be a $20 per family Late Registration charge for all Late Registrations.  The U19 group is FULL so please do NOT send in late requests for U19.  Please be patient as Late Requests will not be processed until April 25th.

CONTACT from COACHES - You should now have been contacted by your child's coach.  If not please contact us at:

TEAM SCHEDULES - all U19 schedules have now been posted (including U14 and U19)

FIRST GAMES - Weather permitting the first games for the u5, u6b, u6g, u10b, u10g and u18 age groups will be on Monday April 29th and for the u4, u8b, u8g, u12 and u14 age groups will be on Tuesday April 30th.  All games start at either 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm and last for an hour.

Kick of UR Spring Soccer Season with the U of R Cougs on April 27th!

UR Cougar Women’s Soccer coaches and players are holding a great soccer skills event for Regina’s community soccer players and coaches.  

Players:  You will have loads of fun learning cool moves to beat an opponent and showing your skills in small sided games.

Coaches:  Our coaching staff look forward to providing you with appropriate activities and games geared to the age of child you will be coaching. We also look forward to answering any questions you might have so that your coaching experience is rewarding and enjoyable.

SRCS 2019 Season Update

The existing SRCS team as well as new volunteers met as planned on September 18.  Fortunately, enough new volunteers came forward and as such the 2019 SRCS season will in fact be a go.  The 2019 SRCS team is shaping up as follows:

SRCS Executive

  • Coordinator - Jennifer Graham
  • Administrator - Julia Lacey
  • Treasurer - Sophia Caporicci
  • Albert Park/Harbour Landing Coordinator  - vacant - your name here
  • Hillsdale Coordinator - Jeffrey King
  • Lakeview Coordinator - Tracy Ford
  • Whitmore Park Coordinator - Doug Samchinsky

Additional Volunteers

  • Amrit Romana
  • Akeem Slim
  • Ed Trombetta
  • Leah Coutts
  • Stella Dechaine
  • Alberta Yam

The above team will be sufficient to organize the 2019 program.  Having said that we will still desperately require additional help at some of our events including the Equipment Day/Coaches Clinic to be held on April 13th as well as the Wind-Up to be held on June 22ndAnd most importantly of all we will require parents to volunteer to Co-Coach their children's team, this is always our most problematic area.  So when registering your child PLEASE seriously consider volunteering to Co-Coach his/her team!!!

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

The 2019 SRCS Team


South Regina Community Soccer  
PO Box 37190  
Regina, SK  
S4S 7K4